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What an incredible honor and joy to photograph this beautiful, kind, selfless young woman on her wedding day.  I met Stephanie in 2008 when I was a youth worker down in the Bahamas, and she was still in high school.  Eight years and several miles later, and here she is getting married!  She couldn’t have chosen a more wonderful guy: Randall is funny and patient and loves her oh so much.  Their wedding weekend was full of emotions and surprises, but they handled every bump along the way with incredible grace.  One of my favorite moments of the day was at the end of their ceremony.  Rain had been threatening all day, and all of a sudden, the skies just opened up right before they kissed.  The newlyweds left the ceremony in a shower of blessing, I have no doubt.  Thank you, Stephanie and Randall, for asking me to be a part of your wedding day.  It was such a gift.


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Wow, here it is.  This sweet boy has turned one, and my heart is even mushier than I thought it could be.  I remember back when I was pregnant, I wondered how on earth another person would fit into our family.  We seemed to have a pretty good thing going– would kid #2 disrupt all that?  But now it’s impossible to imagine Team Saou without our freshest member.

This sweet boy is beyond cuddly, smiles all the time, and has acquired four teeth just in time for his birthday.  I mean, look at the chompers on that kid!  He always wants to be where his big brother is, and they actually play together sometimes.  Just as frequently, I can hear Noah say, “nooooo, Judah!” when J is trying to play with a taboo toy.

Love you, kiddo.  Happy birthday.

Judah’s First Year from Mary Saou


Man, I was so close.  Ten months of photos right on Jude’s monthly “birthday,” and the last one before his ACTUAL birthday, I got way behind.  Rather than totally blow it off, I decided to take some belated 11 month photos of Jude.  (Let’s be honest: I needed some photos for his birthday invites.  But hey, it still counts!)

This month, Judah is getting more and more of a fun personality!  He loves to feed himself, and will be content to just sit in his high chair, munching on some cheerios and watching the rest of us eat and/or dance in the kitchen.  This little tractor is his all-time favorite toy.  I have never seen a child adore a toy as much as Jude loves this tractor!  He spins it around the living room, crawl/scooting to his heart’s content.  It is adorable.


We’ve got four teeth since I last updated!  His first appeared on Christmas Eve, with three more following the next week.  He’s a champ when it comes to teething, so we haven’t had it too bad around here.  He will wake up once or twice in the middle of the night, but a little motrin/nursing session puts him right back to sleep.


In just a couple short weeks, he will be the big 1 year old.  My my, how little J is growing!  And we are loving every second of it.


2015 brought so many changes:  a new baby, a new city, a new job… and yet the thankfulness for my family and God’s grace has permeated every step.  Some steps were tougher to take than others, and some things we’re still figuring out, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Here are my top 10 images of 2015.  Cheers to the new year, friends.

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