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…or perhaps I should call it futball.

After all, Mike has gotten completely sucked into the world of European soccer.  He watches games, listens to podcasts, and taps a ball around when we’re at home.  So I was really happy for him to have an outlet for all this post-world-cup energy he’s had.  After filling in for a friend on a local rec team, Mike decided to join their winter league.  Yes, that’s right– he’s out playing RIGHT NOW in 27-degree weather.  I haven’t promised to attend all games… I am 6 months pregnant, after all… but hopefully will find myself cheering him on during an unseasonably warm Saturday match.


Noah seems to have caught the bug, too– so much so that he tried to run on the field various times during Mike’s last game we attended.  Noah was a team favorite (even the opposing team cozied up to him!), and he really loved watching his dad play.  It was so sweet to see!






I have sneakily crossed a few things off the 101 list without blogging.  It wasn’t intentional, mind you– I just have been doing some of these things and haven’t found time to catch up with the whole sharing-the-process bit.

When I create a list like this, I try really hard to include some little things in the midst of the huge ones.  So, for every “travel overseas with a toddler” goal comes a much more attainable “do this little thing that takes five minutes” goal.  Today is one of the latter :)

#29. Clean out my desk.


Ok, it may have taken more than five minutes… I actually cleaned out the three left drawers a couple weeks ago, but this top right one was a beast.  Most of the stuff there just needed to be put in its place, but a couple things were on my “to-do” list (scary, right?!) and I kept putting off actually going through it all.  I finally got over it and made it happen, and shew it feels good!  Not sure when this would have gotten done without the list, so I’m thanking my February self for adding this.

Two others that go hand in hand:  #95. Frame Dave Waddell’s beautiful lighthouse print, and #98. Switch out some of our wedding photos for photos with Noah.


Dave is a masterful film photographer, and I had the pleasure of meeting him a year ago at the FIND 2.0 business workshop (may she rest in peace).  I bought this print not long after that trip–maybe around Christmas?– but it took me until this summer to actually get it framed.  Now that it is, I am so happy.  I wish I had a huuuuuge one, but this little taste of beauty makes me remember Maine and give a little happy sigh.


Back when we first moved to Durham, I got 12 prints of our wedding photos matted and framed.  Really, what’s the point of wedding photos if you’re not going to look at them?!  I have loved them so much, but it was kind of weird to have so many prints of me and Mike and no Noah after he was born.  So onto the list this goal went, and I switched a few out for some fun ones of us together.  This particular one is from our crazy blizzard day back in January.  You’d think we lived in Michigan or something!!

There are a few that have been checked off that I don’t have photos of, but can still share:

#19. Babysit a friend’s kids for free:  I offered this for a sweet couple who went to the div school’s senior banquet together back in May.  Their three girls are AH-DORABLE and I loved getting a glimpse of life with four kids, since I brought Noah with me.

#57. Have dinner at FourSquare in Durham:  Mike and I have had awesome stay-cations for our anniversary, and this was part of our 5-year celebration a couple months ago.  They change up their menu every couple months or so to stay seasonal and offer as many local selections as they can.  Great food, excellent service… you pay  for it, for sure, but it was worth every penny for such a special occasion!

#91.  Give someone a “happy gift:”  my mom and I do this thing where we give presents just for fun– kind of a “hey, I love you, so I’m getting you a present.” They brighten my day so much that I thought I’d try and share the love a little more, so I decided to do one for the sweet woman who takes care of Noah four days a week.  I framed a photo of her and Noah together (that totally shows the sweet bond they have) and gave it to her just because.  Let the happy gifts keep spreading!  I almost thought about counting this as #48 as well– “Do something nice for the people who watch Noah” — but I want that to be bigger than a happy gift.  Honestly, she deserves it!!

If you made it through all that, well done!  I now officially have 11 of my 101 goals checked off.  That makes me a little over 10% through, and I still have two years to go!  Progress, I tell you.  It feels good.

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It has been such a treat to get to know Maggie and Aaron this year through our connection at Christ Church, and we had a great time over at Maple View Farm for their engagement session last weekend!  Not only is Maple View a great place to go– the view, the ice cream, the peace & quiet, oh my!– but it’s extra special to these two:  they got engaged here!

We roamed the fields and spent some daredevil moments in the middle of the road before treating ourselves to some fresh Maple View ice cream.  Perfect!



Congrats, you two!

To see more of their engagement photos, click here!


Last weekend, we got to shower Jenny and her little baby with love (and presents!).  She drove up from Florida with her mom, and it was such a treat to see her again and give her a little belly bump.


We played games, ate yummy food, and guessed whose baby picture belonged to which guest.  It was a blast!


Before the shower, Jenny and I got away for just a few minutes to take some maternity photos.  Gotta love morning light!


It was such a joy, friend!  Can’t wait to meet little Squirtle sometime this spring!!