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Anybody need a belly laugh today?

I get uptight about plenty of things.  Some of them might matter, most of them don’t… and this kid reminds me that no matter what, it’s always better to take a minute and have yourself a good laugh.

Happy Saturday, friends!  Hope it’s full of lots of giggle-worthy moments!


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If you read my post last year musing on getting another year older, I claimed a word for the year:  hope.  The experience of naming something to shape my thoughts, goals, and interactions really helped me to grow, but not get discouraged with falling short.  The whole nature of hope is to drive out discouragement and fear and grab hold of the promise of something good!

Who knows if I’ll be posting around my birthday this year.  I have a feeling I’ll be pretty busy, so here’s my word for 2015 in lieu of a resolution:


This year, I am striving to be fully present– to my family, friends, coworkers, clients, even strangers– to really show them the value that they share.  Beyond that, I hope to be present to the phase I’m in when I’m in it.  That starts with these next six weeks:  I will be present in these weeks of pregnancy, as much as I’m looking forward to meeting our newest little one.  And when he’s here and we’re sleep-deprived and overwhelmed, I’ll be present to the crazy tiny fingers and toes that I’ll be missing a few months later when he starts crawling and talking and loses that baby smell.

Each step of this road has some tough moments, I won’t deny that.  But every one has bits to treasure as well, and I don’t want to miss out on those gems just because I was looking forward to the next big thing.

So here’s to 2015…

here’s to being present.

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This was Noah’s last Christmas as an only child.  You wouldn’t know it, because #2 received a couple of his own presents this year (which was a little funny, because he doesn’t have a name yet, just a number).  As the weeks fly by– I have only 6 and a half to go– I keep really wanting to savor these days just with Noah.  When I get a little sad for the time I’ll have to share with another little kiddo, I get excited in the next breath for him to have a buddy for years to come.

So here’s my last self-portrait of 2014– one with my sweet only child, if just for a few more weeks:


Below is some proof that it took about a million tries to get this.  The good thing was, he loved the blinking light on my camera that goes off when you use the self-timer.  He kept wanting to take more pictures (and kept making them interesting…)


And here’s a wrap up of 2014’s self-portraits!  Can’t believe I’ve made it another year with this item on my list of 101 goals.  It’s such a great way to pause, even just once a month, and reflect on what’s happening in our lives.



I love these guys so much.  We met at Christ Church, but share a Kansas City connection– and a love of all things KC Royals and Chiefs!  It was just delightful to snag some family photos of them while they’re all together– Kendall studies in Wales, so it’s a rare occasion to get to see the four of them at once!  You can just see the joy on her sister’s face:


To see more photos from their family session, click here!