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Noah turns 5

Back in 2013, I wrote these words on Noah’s first birthday:

 “I’m caught between the sweet nostalgia of seeing his infant self safely tucked in a swaddle and the excitement of seeing him learn new things…”

That sentiment is just as true today as it was four years ago. My baby is 5, and I don’t really know how we got here (but MAN am I glad we are here!). This age right here has been my favorite with Noah yet. He is able to communicate not just what he wants or needs, but his questions about the world around him. I get to hear his creativity when he makes up a story or a song. It’s amazing really, the bits of magic that he creates with his mind. And gosh, he’s learning new things faster than I could ever imagine! Yesterday, HE SWAM THE LENGTH OF THE POOL. What?! Where did that come from?? (Actually, it came from day after day with Mike at the pool, learning to swim, but we were still shocked.)

Lately, I’ve been remiss in taking pictures of my family. My phone is my camera of choice most of the time, which isn’t bad – we still have pictures of things – but the care with which I used to look through, process, and share those images has disappeared. Some of that comes with the territory of working full time and having two kids who are increasingly active. But some of that stems from an assumption that I will just remember these days, that I have the photos, so nothing to worry about there. The ‘me’ who is reflecting on July 13, 2017, is saying that’s not good enough. Those monthly portrait posts of my kids from their first years are some of my all-time faves from this blog. So I have witnesses *maybe? hello?* that from now on, monthly kid portraits are back! Because when we reflect on these years at Noah’s 6th, 10th, 18th birthdays, I want him to have pictures of these awesome seasons in his life.

Love you, buddy. So proud of who you are.



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