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There’s nothing sweeter than a 70 degree day in Kansas City with a beautiful family! I was treated to exactly that when the Shaffers and I headed out for a fall session last weekend. Their boys are just about the same age as mine, and it was so fun seeing their energy and curiosity during our time together. Enjoy these delightful photos of a lovely family.





I met Amber through an online moms group two years ago, and have been the better for it ever since. She is a delightful, resilient, amazing woman who I am beyond grateful to know. I lucked out, as she has family in KC and will be back to visit every so often! Her last time in town was to celebrate her grandma’s birthday. Grandma Duke was so sweet (I mean, how could she NOT be? Those genes!), and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and spend time with all of Amber’s family.


Her brothers? Clearly adore her little one (Marlowe).


Marlowe? BEYOND cute.


What a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Here’s to our next reunion, whenever it may be.


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Last month, Mike and I had possibly our best trip yet– to Ireland! We journeyed up into the mountains for a few days, explored Dublin a few more, and saw some beautiful countryside in between. Our days were filled with watching Euro 2016 games, driving on the opposite side of the road, drinking Guinness, and a lot of sheep/podcasts/music/laughter. It was basically a dream vacation, and I am forever grateful to our parents for watching the boys while we were away. Kid-free trips are such a boost, and I hope we take one every few years for everybody’s sake! Having this time makes us better parents, and our kids get to make precious memories with their grandparents. It’s a win-win!

Here are a few shots of our adventures in Ireland, interspersed with *brief* commentary!


My favorite day was when we visited Slieve League. Higher than the Cliffs of Moher, this gorgeous range was like a scene right out of a movie. We got to hike a good bit of it, soaking in the landscape all the way. Our lovely airbnb hosts gave us great advice to drive past the sheep gate (lots of people think that’s the end of the road). Yet another great reason to use airbnb! We adored the family we stayed with, and if we ever return to Ireland, will be looking them up again for sure.ireland-1045ireland-1052ireland-1059ireland-1060ireland-1066ireland-1072ireland-1077ireland-1080


We watched plenty of football while we were there! Ireland was still in the Euros at that time, and we watched France knock them out in a pub full of the Irish. Needless to say, we celebrated on the inside and waved our Irish flags on the outside!ireland-1145ireland-1146ireland-1147

We found a great little bookstore, Hodges Figgis! One of Mike’s favorite things to do is find a neat book shop, and this did not disappoint! Nestled in the heart of Dublin, this three or four story shop had tons of treats for adults and children alike.

What visit to Dublin would be complete without a Guinness tour? We had a blast visiting the founding brewery!


These weird mound things are ancient burial grounds from 3200 BC! Yup. 5200-year-old structures… and we got to go inside! SO crazy. That area is called Bru na Boinne, and was about an hour north of Dublin.ireland-1165ireland-1166ireland-1169ireland-1171ireland-1175ireland-1178ireland-1179


Thanks, Ireland. See ya next time…

(P.S.  If you want to see EVEN MORE pictures from our trip, click here)


I will never tire of taking this family’s photos. We stayed with the Hultmans during our Chapel Hill visit last month, and it was such a breath of fresh air. Their oldest is headed off to college this fall, so it was an especially unique treat to  see them all together before their nest gets a little roomier this fall.

Friends, we love you so much. Enjoy!



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